Ring Of Sephilus

Chapter 2: The Choice
Lucia's path

Aurella was set on guard duty as her band rests near the fire to regain their strength. Curious about the mysterious noise coming from the woods, the young Wizard ventured across the foggy marsh and found herself trapped within a mysterious fog. The Wizard eventually encountered Lucia Lightstone, who managed to safely make her way across the falling debris back in Zukro’s caverns. Afraid of the fate that befell Lorenthal, the young cleric was overjoyed to see one of her group safe and sound.

Joining the two ladies were the high elf fighter, Fyrien Danothir; and his sorcerer intern, Kevril Loreweaver, who were also misled by the thick fog while on their quest to find and secure the Ring of Sephilus for the high council’s impending research. Unable to find a way out, the group found refuge in the walls of Fernia, a small town within the confines of the cloud.

Still wary about the town’s shady disposition, Lucia leaped out of the bar to inverstigate, whilst her friends enjoyed the tavern’s free ale. The cleric eventually made her way to one of the barns, where she encountered a wounded halfling rogue bound by shackles. Quintin Nitsuga, as he introduced himself, did not seem to remember who he was or how he got there. Taking it upon herself to help the halfling out of goodwill, Lucia used her Mace to untie the helpless prisoner, but as they made they way out of the barn, the two found themselves shackled by dark magic. It was the village elder; the same old man who help them out of the fog and into the village. Constantly using the fog as bait to lure people into their town, the villagers gather unweary travelers and offer them as sacrifice to the God of Death, Nerull.

Upon regaining conciousness, Lucia found her friends trapped inside a cage dangling above a boiling sea of black water. With the help of Quintin, the young Cleric was able to save her band of adventurers, and at the same time delivered justice upon the Nerullian highpriest—- which bore horrendous results. Pressured by the fear of losing her new friends, Lucia struck true and accidentally killed the Nerullian cult leader, breaking the Cleric’s code of honor and severing her ties with the Light God, Pelor, causing her to lose her powers.

Now safe from a watery grave, the group fought their way across dozens of angry cultists, but as they were about to leave the town, a draconic abomination emerged from the black pool.

The group battled furiously, with Quintin, Kevril, and Aurellia distracting the beast while Fyrien targets its weakpoints with his heightened battle senses. In the end, it was Lucia who mustered all her might and delivered the finalblow, killing the dragon and thus lifting the fog from the forests of Fernia.

Unsure about Belven and the others’ whereabouts, this new group headed towards the town of Neressa to repair their equipment, and help Lucia ask for forgiveness from the elder clerics. During this period, Fyrien managed to bribe Aurellia into revealing what she knows about the Ring of Sephilus, convincing him that he was indeed getting close to his objective, and that his quest may soon come to an end.

In an attempt to atone for her sins, Lucia was ordered by the high clerics to protect the village from ravaging bandits by herself. Looking to return the favor and refusing to let his new friend handle the burden alone, Quintin encouraged the group to discreetly help the cleric in her trial for forgiveness. The battle took forever, but it was Quintin’s quick thinking that tricked the thieves into retreating. While successful in driving the bandits out, the group was caught aiding their cleric friend by the holy elder himself, which further hurt Lucia’s chances of being granted pardon. The Elder knight was furious, but before he could hand down his final verdict, an arrow flew from one of the bandits’ bows, heading straight for Kevril. Aware of the projectile’s trajectory, Lucia jumped forward and used her body to shield the unsuspecting elf. Surprised by the young cleric’s actions, the elder knight rushed to her aid and healed her fatal injuries. It was indeed a selfless act, and was more than enough to convince the holy knights to grant Lucia back her clericship.

Now filled with glorious purpose to stop the Duke of Lorenthal Tirith, the group made their way to Yggdrid Fallia, the land of the High Elves, to help Tyrien consult the high council of Elves regarding the ring’s whereabouts. Expecting a grand welcome upon his arrival, Tyrien was instead greeted by the High Elven military, and was arrested for the murder of the Elven scribe, Arin Windswhisper.

Chapter 1: The Ring Of Sephilus
Session 1: Dark Death

Tasked with the immediate retrieval of the Ring of Sephilus, the Cleric, Lucia Lightstone and Paladin, Belven Ogrecrush ventured along the taverns of Lorenthal Tirith in search of mercenaries to aid them. The duo was eventually greeted by the young and mysterious wizard, Aurellia of River Maine; and her friends Irize Bearcharger, the Ranger; and Krull, the Barbarian. The task was simple—- retrieve the Ring and kill the Ogre Mage, Zukro.

Cornered by the mighty goblin army of the Ogre mage, the group was aided by a human bard named Sam Lantern, who was on a quest to find inspiration for his songs. Upon victory, the group realized that they had been setup by the Duke himself, who had sent them on a fool’s errand to lower the castle’s defenses. The adventurers safe retreat, however, came at a heavy price, as Lucia and Krull lay trapped inside the Ogrish caverns.

In an attempt to lay everything to waste, the Duke pillaged the city of Lorenthal and sought to murder its king and princess. The ring, thought to be nothing but a royal instrument apparently housed the soul of Obscuro Akastimazillian, a black dragon who in local tongue is known as “Dark Death”.
With all haste, the group was successful in rescuing the princess, but was a hair too late in saving the king.

Filled with despair, the band was visited by the radiant Goddess “Misofia”, who shed some light on the king’s history and connections to the ring. The king, Zendil Blackedge, was once the leader of the Order of the Black Flag, a powerful circle of knights who imprisoned the Dragon in the Ring of Sephilus. Known to be the only surviving member of the order, it is Belven’s duty to recruit new members and uphold the black banner once again…


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